Ear wax Removal

Vital Information and Tips For Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removalEarwax is often a misunderstood natural substance produced by the body. The impression of people in modern society is that the presence of earwax in the ears is not hygienic and it needs to be completely removed from the ear canal. Research on the other hand has shown a very different picture. Earwax is an integral part of the ears’ defense system, a key element of its self-cleaning abilities. Earwax is a substance naturally produced by the body to fight infection, neutralize bacteria and fungi, and effectively push out dust and dirt out of the ear. Contrary to what many think, some common means to remove wax from ear can be disruptive to the ear’s overall health and can even be the cause of many ear problems like compacted earwax, infections in varying depth in the ear canal, and even hearing loss. This article would discuss in detail the best ear wax removal methods and a deeper understanding of the ear wax’s organic make-up and function.

The Best Way To Remove Ear Wax

5 key points to think about

You have to heed some very important reminders before you even try to remove ear wax accumulation

1- Remove ear wax only when necessary – necessity of removing earwax would mean that your health or well being is being disrupted by the ear wax build up. A good example of this is when you feel some itchiness in your ear, or you are awakened at night with a high pitch noise (tinnitus), or you have some level of hearing loss. These are only some of the few symptoms that your ear is not functioning right due to high level of earwax deposit.

2- Be sure you do not have an ear infection – clearing your ear from earwax under the possibility of an ear infection can make you worsen the infection as you poke around your ear’s interior. You also run the risk of rupturing your ear drum as you begin to probe deeper in the hopes of addressing the pain you are feeling from the ear infection. All these can possibly make your ear wax issues more complicated than it is.

3- Be sure your ear drum is not ruptured – before you attempt cleaning out your ear be sure that you do not have a perforated eardrum. When you attempt to irrigate your ear with some eardrops you can easily damage the sensitive organs deep in your ear because the barrier between your middle ear and inner ear has some breach.

4- Never use Q-tips – although this is a very common product for ear cleaning, the only part of your ear it should ever touch is your ear lobe and not through the opening of your ear. Q-tips or cotton buds can easily push earwax deposits deep into the ear and cause impaction of ear wax overtime. The very thing you thought is helping you clean out your ear is the very cause of an impacted wax which can lead to a lot of problems including hearing loss and ear infection.

5- Go to your doctor – how to remove ear wax the safest way possible? When in doubt never second guess your ear wax problems. Visit your doctor, talk to him about your ear wax problem and let him deal with it from the very beginning. Doctors know best and by getting your ear cleaning needs through him you are also making sure you get the right advice and the correct ear wax intervention the first time. You ear is too important to entrust it with a trial and error ear wax removal.

How To Remove Ear Wax At Home

Ear wax removal home remedy is numerous. You can use widely available products that claim effective earwax removal in easy to do steps. Here are some of the most common products and procedures.

- Ear wax removal hydrogen peroxide – this is an easy procedure to do at home. You simply mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide and introduce a few drops of the mixture to your ear. The substance is believed to soften the ear wax and through proper irrigation of the mixture afterwards, this should clear out the ear canal from any wax build-up. For safety reasons it is best to have another person administer hydrogen peroxide in your ear.

- Ear wax removal drops – a good example of OTC wax removal drops is the murine ear wax removal system. This product should be administered by another person and should not be used four days straight unless your doctor instructs so. This ear drop can cause dizziness when the fluid is below body temperature when administered. Another ear drop system out in the market today is the debrox ear wax removal kit. This product softens the ear wax and cleans out the ear completely through its microfoam cleansing action.

- Ear wax removal syringe – this product is often sold together with over-the-counter ear drops and packaged as an ear wax removal kit. Using a syringe for ear wax removal at home needs another person for it to be done safely and effectively. After an ear drop is applied for the softening of the ear wax, the syringe is used to introduce more liquid (warm water) into the ear canal to irrigate it and get rid of the accumulated ear wax.

Ear wax removal vacuum – this product is one of the most talked about earwax removal kit today. Ear drops is first introduced into the ear. A device is then used to suck out the softened ear wax out of the ears. It is safe and effective even for kids. It is simply a hassle-free solution to ear wax problems.

Ear Wax Removal Services

There are two well known ear wax removal services today. Understanding these services better is just the thing you need to decide best which to spend your money on. It has been established that Americans spend more than 60 million dollars every year on ear removal services and products. You might as well get the best wax removal service for your money.

Ear wax removal candle – ear wax candle removal is one of the most heavily advertised ear wax removal method today. The process of using an ear wax candle is fascinating and this is often the reason why many people are drawn to it. It works by creating a vacuum in the cone tip of the candle and sucking all the ear wax deposits out from the deeper part of the ear canal. Research have shown that this is not as reliable as many have claimed and can even pose a threat to the ear by exposing it to melted wax, possibly damaging the ear drum in the process.

Ear wax removal at the doctor’s office – this is still one of the best ways to remove ear wax. Doctors have better means and equipment and are well trained to do the ear cleaning. They also have a deep understanding of the ear and its internal structure therefore giving you the assurance that they could never do it wrong. Doctors often use a special ear wax removal tool called a curette. This plastic spoon-like tool is used to reach deep into the ear for impacted ear wax removal. It is a fast and effective means to get rid of massive ear wax deposits deep inside the ear. Doctors can also choose to flush or irrigate your ear with sodium bicarbonate and other potent ear drops (prescription grade) that can have a higher success of thoroughly cleaning out your ear.

More About Ear Wax Cleaning

Natural Earwax Removal

Here are some very simple means how to remove wax from ear naturally. Save yourself the trouble and heed these practical tips.

One of the best ways how to remove earwax is just to let it do its business in your ear. The ear wax would move out of the ear canal and be ejected by the body as dry flakes. Unless you are bothered by your ear wax it is best to just let it do its job and clean up your ear the best way possible.

Another good way to go about natural ear wax removal at home is to irrigate the ear canal with water. Do this while in the shower. Tilt your head in such a way that water is let in the ear and tilt it on the other side to let the water out naturally with the help of gravity. Do this on both your ears regularly. The good news is water works as well as over-the-counter ear drops and the good thing about this daily habit is that you do not have to wait for your ears to feel itchy or full with an ear wax build up. There is some ear wax removal video that shows how to do this right. This can help you a lot in steering clear from ear problems in the future.